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4 Ways To Build Personal Resilience

4 Ways To Build Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is essentially our ability to overcome the challenges that life throws at us, to bounce back and critically, to maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity.   We all have some innate resilience but this can be developed; we can train...

5 Security Tips for the Business Traveler

5 Security Tips for the Business Traveler

In episode 17 of the PreparedEx podcast, we discuss five security tips for the business traveler. Although we focus on the business traveler, anyone travelling for pleasure may also find this useful. When traveling to a foreign place on business or for pleasure, it is...

Being The Grey Man

Being The Grey Man

The great game of people watching. Always a fun pastime (especially when it’s part of your job).  Next time you’re in a public place such as an airport, try this game: "Guess the Nationality". Apart from obvious facial features and tribal dress, people from certain...

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