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Exercise Design and Delivery

PreparedEx has been designing and delivering exercises for ten years and has over sixty years of combined expertise within the crisis management, corporate war-gaming and exercise space. We deliver five types of exercises which are detailed here:


  1. Tabletop Exercise
  2. Functional Exercises
  3. Full-Scale Exercises
  4. Corporate War-Games
  5. Drills

Exercise Program Review

PreparedEx provides an exercise review service for those organizations that have existing exercise programs that may require auditing or reviewed for effectiveness. This service is designed for those organizations that have existing exercise programs that include exercise programs that are mature or programs that are being new and just being implemented.

Custom Training Courses

PreparedEx offers in-house customized crisis management and exercises design training courses. Contact us today for more details.

"I am pleased to say we effectively partnered with PreparedEx, LLC to conduct a simulation exercise with our Incident Management Team which included scenario creation unique to our business, the dynamic delivery of said scenario, and a debriefing that focused on risk decision making in the face of a crisis. Their unique expertise and ability to manage the event was the subject of universal praise from our management team."

Vice President, Global Business Continuity Financial Services Company

“The team at Preparedex is more than a consultant, they are a partner to us in helping ensure our business is prepared to effectively respond to multiple types of crises. The simulations are very realistic and draw our teams into the exercise as if it were an actual event.”

Associate Director, Enterprise Program Food and Beverage Company

“PreparedEx has been a fantastic partner for our crisis preparedness program. They have been instrumental in helping shape our preparedness strategy, improved our processes and worked with all levels of global leadership to ensure we are prepared for a variety of potential issues.”

Communications Manager Chemical Company


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